Alexandra has served as York Centre's voice at the TDSB since 2016. She's a Montessori teacher by trade, who day in and day out works for students, their families, and to better our community. She is proud to call York Centre home.

2021 witnessed an unprecedented wave of antisemitism in Toronto, including numerous incidents in York Centre schools. In December, Alexandra was targeted for publicly condemning antisemitic materials and terrorist group resources distributed in the TDSB. We cannot allow that to happen again.

Now, our community in York Centre has a chance to make itself heard at the ballot box on October 24th.It is time to once again stand with Alexandra and demand accountability and a higher standard in Canada's largest school board.

This election, Alexandra Lulka Rotman and James Pasternak are offering York Centre a clear choice for strong and experienced leadership. We will proudly stand up to hate wherever it manifests in our schools or our city.

Are you with us?